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2023 is over

DynamiCam is closing the year 2023 with many exciting announcements, the first of which, is the entry of JitaCam as a partner in DynamiCam along with the opening of a major presence and office in the United States - DynamiCam USA. JitaCam has a long-standing reputation for working on leading productions in the USA and around the world, including the Oscars and Emmy Awards, the Grammy Awards, Super Bowls and UFC. This combination will allow the introduction of upgraded DynamiCam systems and gimbals to the US market as well as the rest of the world. We have several innovations including the DC-GMB23, a compact gimbal that carries the Red Komodo or Panasonic BGH1, as well as the ARRI Alexa mini for film productions. This compact gimbal has a sleek and minimal footprint making it ideal for indoor venues where visibility is a consideration. We are also very proud to announce Dynamicam’s newest innovation, the DC-GMB24, a larger gimbal that allows the Sony P50 camera as well as other block broadcast cameras. Both gimbals are specifically designed for aerial cable systems and specifically for DynamiCam systems. They will continue to allow working with full motion presets (motion control) and function without battery using Fiber Optics for control data and picture, as all DynamiCam gimbals have this standard. We are excited to further expand the capabilities of our systems with these gimbals and it will be a groundbreaking 2024, and we are truly excited for the coming year.

Happy New Year!


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