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In recent years, the growing popularity of camera drones and gimbal stabilizers has created a demand for dynamic aerial videos. Despite several technological advancements, existing industry solutions do not provide an adequate solution for indoor venues.


DynamiCam was founded in 2014, in order to create innovative aerial videography solutions for the broadcast industry.


WHAT we do

Small cable camera systems are just the start. We have a big vision for the future of aerial photography - a future where aerial camera systems will be autonomously operated, and built-in alongside existing venue infrastructure.


We’re always learning what’s important from our customers and quickly developing new capabilities.

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DynamiCam develops 3-axis cable camera systems.


Our innovative systems are designed for permanent installation, and are suitable for a variety of applications including live sport and music events, film and television studio productions and more.

The system’s compact dimensions and low weight enable it to capture unique aerial shots, and provide an agile solution for small indoor venues.


Dynamicam specializes in the development and sale of miniaturized robotic cable systems as an innovative solution for video and Broadcasting.


The Key target is high performance, safe and cost competitive solutions for permanent installation in different venues.

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