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  • Where can DynamiCam be installed?
    The system is compact and lightweight, and therefore ideal for installation in indoor venues and studios – sport and music arenas, film and television studios, conference halls and congregations.
  • How do I know if DynamiCam fits my venue?
    The minimal dimension requirements are 5x5x3.5 meters / 16.5x16.5x11.5 feet. We will be able to provide a more accurate installation plan after reviewing your venue’s specifications, contact us for more information.
  • What does the system include?
    DynamiCam is a complete solution; once installation and training are complete you’re ready to go. The system includes 4 winches and driver cabinets, 2 operating consoles, a stabilized gimbal and fiber optic infrastructure.
  • How do I operate the system once it’s installed?
    The system is operated by a pilot who controls the 3-axis movement, and a cameraman who operates the gimbal and the camera (pan tilt roll, zoom, focus). Training and support are provided by DynamiCam.
  • Is the system mobile? Can I reinstall it at different venues or productions?
    The system can be transported and reinstalled in different venues. Installation requires an in-depth understanding of the system and its capabilities, and therefore operators who wish to transfer the system frequently will have to undergo training.
  • What are Dynamicam’s advantages over a crane or jib?
    DynamiCam provides wider shots and a larger working area, does not take up floor space, and reduces installation and operation costs. The system can be permanently installed, and controlled by a single pilot with the help of programmable movement presets.
  • And what about a drone?
    While drones are great for outdoor shots, when working indoors and above audiences they have several disadvantages: they’re noisy, they have limited operation time, they cannot reliably transfer data for broadcast, and they’re subject to strict safety regulations. DynamiCam opens up a new world of aerial shots, without all the limitations.
  • What camera and lens does the system support?
    DynamiCam supports the Blackmagic Micro Studio 4K camera – a small and lightweight camera, which can be controlled remotely by our custom-made pilot and cameraman consoles, and a third party RCP. The camera works perfectly in multi-camera environments, and is used by DynamiCam at the world's leading productions. For lens we use the wide Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 7-14mm f/2.8 PRO Lens.
  • Can the system integrate with 3rd party devices?
    The system supports the Blackmagic Micro Studio Camera 4K, and the Skaarhoj RCP or ATEM Software Control. For perfect match we recommend using the For.A DCC-7000 HD/SD Advanced Color Corrector.
  • Does the system come with warranty or service?
    The system comes with one-year warranty, which can be extended annually (SLA).
  • What clients have already installed the DynamiCam system?
    The biggest names in the industry are already using DynamiCam, including UFC, HBO (Boxing after Dark), FIBA (3x3 World Cup) and RedBull (Tarragona Human Towers). See DynamiCam in action here.
  • Where can I see the system in action?
    We'll be happy to find the venue or production that's closest to you and schedule a visit. Contact us for more information.
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