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AR You Ready?

Client: Channel 12 News

Event: Israeli Elections

Venue: Neve Ilan Studios, Israel

Earlier this week, DynamiCam was successfully integrated with an augmented reality solution, for the first time on live TV!

Throughout the entire broadcast, which covered the dramatic Israeli elections, DynamiCam provided dynamic aerial shots with AR graphics, and the results were fantastic.

The production was a perfect demonstration of DynamiCam's capabilities and advantages in a limited working area - a 15x10 meter studio, where every meter of space counts. The system opened up a variety of new angles and locations in the studio, and together with AR graphics gave viewers at home plenty to look at as the ballots were being counted.

The system flew around quietly without distracting the panelists, and was controlled both manually and through 10 motion presets which were set together with the director a few days in advance.

Here is what the Chief Producer at Channel 12 News had to say: "DynamiCam opened up new shots that we've never been able to get with a crane. The installation was efficient, the operation was smooth, and the AR capabilities were impressive. We're very pleased with the results."

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